Our Fleet

Ours vessels, Miss Saltwater Therapy and Miss Gig, are safe, fun and fast boats!  Both Ladies feature aluminum hulls and twin engines, and are unbelievably well-performing boats.  Modified for diving, they are an incredible experience!

Miss Saltwater Therapy


Our trusty ACB, with twin 300HP engines, has been with us since 2020 and has served us well for over a thousand dives.  She has a capacity of four divers, and can take up to six non-divers for a tour of the Hood Canal.

Built by boatwright ACB, these boats have a unique chambered design; reportedly the only production hard boats certified without the use of foam flotation.  Constructed with air-tight, welded aluminum tubes which are pressure-tested at three different stages of hull manufacture, this vessel will still float should it take on water.  These are military spec boats, deemed unsinkable by the Coast Guard, and spiffed up with recreational touches.

Miss Gig

Meet our newest fleet member!  She’s made by Svendsen Marine in Alaska, and has been earning her stripes with us since 2021.  She has a capacity of twelve but we keep her to six for an intimate diving or Hood Canal Tour experience.   Svendsen builds custom boats only, each built to spec, and we count ourselves fortunate to have acquired her.  She’s our spacious limo and will get you there in style.