• By Land ~ Sund Rock at Night

By Land ~ Sund Rock at Night

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YSS Dive and the Sund family together, will be offering exclusive night dive opportunities at Sund Rock Marine Preserve. A dive site we all know and love and is even more spectacular at night!

From the Sund Rock Website: "Simply by loving the site so much, our overuse of the area has taken a toll. The family considers the beach to be a partnership of sorts. We will provide limited access, a maintained road, porta potty, gear up benches, monitored entry and continue to add amenities such as a picnic area, a campsite, better lighting and hopefully a fresh water rinse area up top. In exchange we ask that you sign in, pay a fee, take any trash you create with you, drive slowly up the road, take pictures and observe sea life from a distance, be aware the effect of excessive finning has on visibility and organisms, no harvesting of any kind, and close/lock the gate behind you."

United together we are Explorers and Torchbearers for preservation. 


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