Hood Canal

By Sea ~ Night / Blackwater Dives NEW to YSS Dive Charters! Now offering an exclusive Cold water blackwater diving experience.  Our crew is excited to bring this unique experience to the Hood Canal diving community. Find Out More

By Sea ~ Elephant Wall A steep vertical wall just South of Flagpole Point.  About 80' at the base and loaded with Octopus and Wolf Eels.  "The large rock bluffs visible above shore continue the same structure beneath the water cascading down to 70'+ in sheer drops, rolling rock ledges and large crevices. Experi... Find Out More

By Sea ~ Flagpole Point This site offers divers a dynamic reef with cloud sponges, wolf eels and giant pacific octopus. "Flagpole Rock is a popular dive site adjacent to Mike’s Beach Resort and offers divers a dynamic reef with cloud sponges, wolf eels and giant pacific octopus. The main portion of the reef is refer... Find Out More

Saltwater Therapy Package Enjoy the BEST! of the Hood Canal By Land and By Sea!  Find Out More

By Sea ~ Exploratory Dive New for 2024!! Help us Explore the waters of the Hood Canal! Find Out More

By Sea ~ Boyd's Boulders New for 2022! Boyd's Boulders is a fun site for macro photography.  Lots of large boulders the size of 2 story houses, teaming with all sorts of underwater life unique to the Hood Canal.  It's like diving in an aquarium!  This site won’t disappoint.  Find Out More

By Sea ~ Broken Leg New for 2022! Broken Leg.  Deeper, larger version of the Pinnacle/Seamount we all enjoy.  Find Out More

By Sea ~ Fulton Creek Reef Fulton Creek Reef is one of the best dive sites in the Hood Canal. Fulton Creek Reef is best described as 3 large reefs consisting of thousands of small and large boulders some the size of small houses!! This site will not disappoint!! Easy to navigate between the reefs.  The first reef is shallower star... Find Out More

By Sea ~ Captains Choice Captains Choice for select Dive sites for the day! Find Out More

By Sea ~ Jorsted Creek This site features wolf eels, sea anemones, rock fish, lingcod, 0ctopus, lots of oysters, rock scallops. Jorsted Creek offers divers multiple sites to explore.  Shallow walls and rock piles from 40 to 60 ft to deep walls and rock piles 100 to 130 ft. Cracks and crevices along the walls and rock piles make ... Find Out More

By Sea ~ Octopus Hole A long, shallow wall runs off shore that is inhabited by a large variety of creatures, including Giant Pacific Octopus, Wolf Eels, and Squat Lobsters. "Octopus Hole is an undeveloped dive site right off the side of the road a few miles north of Hoodsport and close to Sund Rock. The attraction of this site ... Find Out More

By Sea ~ Pinnacle/Seamount The top of the Hood Canal Pinnacle lies 20'-30' from the surface depending on tides and extends to over 100'. The top of the mount is a large, spacious flat area making a convenient staging place for divers to begin and end their dive. Find Out More

By Sea ~ Pulali Point The dynamic, cascading reef structure is home to large schools of rockfish, lingcod, greenling, octopus, a colorful array of kelp, sponges, tunicates, nudibranchs, and crab.  "Pulali Point Walls are among the most popular boat dive sites in Hood Canal due to the dynamically cascading reef structures t... Find Out More

By Sea ~ Rosie's Ravine/Goby Garden This site features wolf eels and giant pacific octopus. There is a  wall, large rock formation, pinnacle, boulder pile, and shelves. "Rosie's Ravine is a deep dive to a wall loaded with wolf eels and octopus. The top of the wall will be encountered at 75' and the ragged cascading bedrock with crack... Find Out More

San Juans

Point Doughty Rocks, Boulders, Cracks and Crevices and more!  Find Out More

Neah Bay

Waadah Island Fingers Waadah Island is a small island situated just north of Neah Bay and has 3 fingers that extends out past the breakwater. You could dive all day here and never need to move to one of the other amazing sites surrounding Neah Bay. Find Out More